The intention of ‘Living Embryophyta’ (the word Embryophyta means Living Plants) would be to bring to you ‘all about medicinal plants’ from both ayurveda and conventional medicine sources: best of both. The team at Living Embryophyta, to the advantage comprises of Ayurvedic docs, Research scholars, Data analysts, Curators and Software experts: definitely a formidable combination capable enough to bring the real facts about plants from various data sources.


Hena Jose
Data management and Analysis Consultant: ‘Passionate about Data Science’

Dr. Sreejith Sreekumar
Ayurvedic Doctor: ‘Wears two Hats- A Doc and An Enterpreneur’

Alias Eldhose
IT Specialist: Biotech Informatics & Data science Enthusiast

Bioinformatician: ‘A Lifescience Enthusiast’