‘Living Embryophytes’: Everything you wanted to know about plants

“Water, water, everywhere, Nor any drop to drink”, these lines remind me of the situation when one start out to search on any plants or plant related medicines. There are many webpages explaining one after the other benefits of using a particular plant or plant part/component. Along with it there would be another set of pages which would describe all ‘negative’ that could happen if you use the same plant source. In addition to this there will be ‘plant myths’ which we would have either picked up from our grandmas or ‘expert’ neighbours. This leaves the reader perplexed and he would start his search to understand the science behind plant action. This would open to him the ‘science Pandora box’ in the form of PubMed, Elseveir, Bentham, Science Direct and more libraries and journals. Though the articles from these journals holds the answers to your questions, the technical terms used like activation, inhibition, kinetics, pharmacological action and so on would only lead to more complexity. The intention of ‘Living Embryophyta’ (the word Embryophyta means Living Plants) would be to bring to you ‘all about medicinal plants’ from both ayurveda and conventional medicine sources: best of both. The team at Living Embryophyta, to the advantage comprises of Ayurvedic docs, Research scholars, Data analysts, Curators and Software experts: definitely a formidable combination capable enough to bring the real facts about plants from various data sources. Living Embryophyta for General readers: The fact that till date all those drugs that has been developed, out of that 67% have come from plant sources and many a times from plants that you have in our backyard or surrounding. So it is essential to know these plants with proper scientific explanation to their mechanism of action, the way they get absorbed by our body and toxicity facts if any. This information would not only help you in consuming in appropriate plant form and quantities, but also would empower your buying power whenever you head for ‘Ayurvedic formulations’. We do not leave the reader there, but we also would give you the most simplest way in making it part of your day to day life. We would bring to you culinary from around the globe as well, so that your taste palettes would also not grumble. Living Embryophyta for Scientific readers: Our perceptions are driven by what we read and see from the surrounding; it could be media or literature sources. Ayurveda is definitely one field which is more perception driven than science driven. The fact that the practitioners from this field initially showed resistance to newer methods of research techniques has done on the whole quite a lot of damage to this field. The medical bodies from different countries have categorized traditional medicines segment (including Indian herbal medicine, Chinese medicine, Japanese treatment ways etc) into Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). This has turned out to boon and curse at the same time for traditional medicine. The fact that people can sell the ayurvedic formulations based on proofs and observations from past has made these medicines available in the market for masses to buy is marred with many wrongdoers developing medicinal concoction without validation keeping in mind profit alone. It becomes essential to bring out the real facts about plant and plant derived molecules from different sources for the perusal of the research groups around the world. We at ‘Living Embryophyta’ would be working with both plant experts and research scholars towards the goal of creating a better scientific awareness and knowledge access to ayurvedic and western medicine researchers and practitioners. Cialis Professional online buy cialis from canada motilium fta 50

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